Important Synod before the Warning??

  • inspokane

    We need the Warning so bad. What great mercy he is gong to show us. Prepare. I’ve been studying Garabandal since I was about 11 years old. I went there. Seen some great miracles in 1995 on Good Friday with my own eyes.. I met Joey Lamangino there. It is all true. Jesus I trust in you. How painful to see our sins, hwo hard will be to stand In your perfect light. Have mercy on me a sinner. God Bless all.

    • Mihály Antonio Salas

      what miracles do you told, on chariry share them please

  • Elizabeth R.

    Although the experience of seeing our sinful soul is most frightening, I know that Our Eternal Father will offer us the grace necessary (during the Illumination) to trust in The Divine Mercy, be truly repentant of our sins and grow in love of The Trinity.

  • ed01281942

    While we deserve so much of God’s holy chastisement for our sins, yet, in His Infinite Mercy, He is sending us His Mercy, in the person of His Mother, Mary, to save and rescue us from the terrible things about to befall humanity on this planet.
    It is no small secret that God combats sin and evil with His Love and Mercy!

  • Mihály Antonio Salas

    our Lord have mercy on Us, i have doubts as we all ve been told, comunist tribulation will be before the warning and also Holy Father have to visit Russia before that and nothing has happend maybe the warning will be in 2018??