The Global Warning: An Illumination of Conscience


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The Warning, also known as the Illumination of Conscience or Judgment In Miniature, the greatest act of mercy since Jesus’ Passion, death and resurrection, will be the final act of God’s mercy. It will come from the heavens and be revealed in the midst of great chaos and upheaval, in a month in which the spring wheat will still not have reached its third notch of growth. Two heavenly bodies will collide with much noise and light. It will be a Day of Thunder. A great darkness will fall over the whole earth. All mankind throughout the world will see in the sky the sign coming from the East, a bright Cross, with Jesus hanging on the Cross and rays of light falling from His wounds and Heart down on mankind. Jesus will be bleeding with drops of His blood falling upon the earth. At the moment when the two heavenly bodies collide, every man, woman and child throughout the world will see his or her own conscience. We will see everything wrong we are doing, and the good we are not doing. All will experience the burning fire of the Holy Spirit’s love, leading and guidance. We will know where we stand with God and whether, if we were to die at that moment, we would spend our eternity in Heaven or in Hell. Read about the spiritual and physical preparation for the Warning, the role of prayer, the Holy Rosary, the St. Michael prayer, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and coming in front of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Learn the reasons for the Warning, the role of laity and priests after the Warning. Learn what awaits the Church and mankind after the Warning prior to the great chastisement and entry of the remnant into the Era of Peace. **Member Alert: ORDER 10 OR MORE COPIES OF THIS ITEM AND RECEIVE A SPECIAL RATE OF $12.95 PER BOOK. CALL 703-707-0799 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.


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