The Secret Power of the Rosary


  1. The Rosary should be the joy of your hearts, the brightness of your thoughts, the desire of your will, the link joining and connecting you with heaven; it should be a bottomless mine of treasures, which I give to you through my Immaculate Hands hidden in them. From you should come only the will of receiving it and reciting it, the offering of time, a humble and prayerful disposition and a bit of effort in concentration and recitation. Do not begrudge this, or push it aside, that somehow it will fit in the last quarter of the day. The rest that is everything else – is the action of the Holy Spirit, which lets us recognize the Savior in His Mysteries; and gives love to the Father, which brings about that souls all ablaze with the embers of the love of God, become receptive to embrace and immerse oneself in the love of God. And then the words of the Son of God become true: “The kingdom is within you. A kingdom that is everlasting and universal, a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace. A kingdom of justice, love, and peace.” (Preface for the Feast of Christ the King.)
  2. The Rosary is an inexhaustible treasure of countless Graces of God in the Holy Trinity. But, in order to profit from the Rosary, faith is needed which quickly changes into an experience of joy. The Rosary is Mine and it demands humility, because it gives what I desire, not according to your will and your desires. The Rosary is yours. It is given to you forever. It is given for every moment and for all your necessities; it depends on you to take advantage of it, to use it effectively. It demands fidelity and perseverance – The Rosary is for all, who are captives of Our Hearts – My Son’s and Mine. He unites all those living on earth– who respect and love Him – and those who already are in triumph –by virtue of a common victory.
  3. The Rosary is a gift purchased by the blood of my Son. If such is its origin, and it has such a seal, let nothing surprise you by the opposition in recognizing, receiving and spreading it, because the battle against it is carried on by the devil, the world and the flesh simultaneously. “Set me like a seal to your heart.” Here the point is, that everyone should have their favorite mystery – for a certain period of time – so that after reciting a Rosary, let them think often on that Mystery, because it alone will enlighten, straighten out and deepen many things in the soul. With the Rosary, it is easier to knock at the gates of God’s Mercy.
  4. Jesus desires that I be better known and loved (Apparition at Fatima), and I desire that the Heart of My Triumphant Son reigns everywhere: in you and here by you. Both of Us desire your happiness and your good – for the glory of the Heavenly Father. These wishes of Our Most Holy Hearts bring about an outpouring of Mercy, and this Mercy must be seen, you must be thankful for it, you must trust in it, and you must plead for it for yourselves and for the whole world. We have the Rosary for this purpose, in which we repeat: “Blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.” These words are so very important, because they form the beginning of this adoration, which shall be carried on into eternity. They are to be recited with great love, with humility and with happiness, because there on earth you are permitted to recite them. They are the beginning of that which will last throughout eternity – the adoration of Mercy. Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo (I will sing of the Mercy of the Lord forever.) We adore this Mercy with these fifteen mysteries. Blessed be the admirable actions in the admirable cause of the Mother Most Admirable! Blessed be the Mercy of God in the admirable privileges of the admirable power of the Lady Most admirable! Blessed be the admirable actions on unknown paths, which lead in an admirable manner those called admirable.

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