Revelations to Don Octavio Michelini from Our Lord

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Excerpted from his book, Not I my children have wanted this hour: Confidences of Jesus to a Priest Vol. IV, November 30, 1976

The Priest: A Victim by Nature of His Very Priesthood

Blessed is he who knows his magnificent and sublime vocation and priestly mission, and who with docility submits before the infinite Love of God, who deigned to raise him up from the dunghill and from the dust of the earth, to lift him and to elevate him to the greatest and most sublime dignity that any creature could aspire to.

Blessed is he who, conscious of having been made a vessel of election, makes an effort, with Me, to follow Me to Calvary, in order to fuse his sufferings with those of the divine Victim, in order to be afterwards three times holy with the Victim, a liberator of such a great number of souls, freeing them from the yoke and tyranny of Satan.

Blessed is that priest who does not accept pacts nor compromises with the enemies of God, with the enemies of the Church, and with the enemies of his soul and his conscience.

Blessed is that priest who rejects all collaboration with the obscure forces of hell, and who walks upon the path of perfection and of holiness, according to My precept: “Be ye holy;” for if this precept of holiness is for everyone, it is clear and evident that it is thus in a very particular way for My ministers, for they should be holy and saints, in order to sanctify the others.

Then – what is to be said about formation imparted in seminaries of today?

My son, what a frightful distortion, in the name of progress and of a subversive evolution, that is in clear contrast to my examples and teachings!

O pastors, who have yielded and who do yield passively, to so much spiritual perversion, do not think that you will escape from your most grave responsibilities; your sophisms are of no value, to shut the eyes of God.

Soon you will see with your own eyes, and soon you will pay out of your own pocket, for all the evil that you have not known how to prevent, nor desired to prevent, and for all the good that you have not realized.

I bless you, My son.

The Divine Husbandman

The vocation to the priesthood is a mysterious seed of supernatural life, sown by God in the soul of the chosen one; so that the latter, under the guidance of his parents or of persons appointed by God, for this delicate work of gestation, may make the seed mature, until it attains its complete development.

For the benefit of the soul that carries within it this precious seed, so precious that no pearl of the world can equal it, one should make known to him the precious value of the gift; he should be guided to prayer; he should be oriented in his devotion to Jesus, really present in the mystery of infinite humility, wisdom and power, the Eucharistic mystery; he should be decidedly oriented to love, and to prayer to the Holy Ghost and to the Queen of Apostles, so that she may be the one who brings this vocation to its complete maturity.

In the period of gestation of one’s vocation, the chosen soul should also be educated in the mystery of the Church, of which he is, and will be, a part and a living member, with vital functions.

Tremendous Responsibility of Educators Who Demolish Faith

The pastors of souls have a grave responsibility in choosing the educators in their seminary. It is better to
have a seminary closed down, than one entrusted to those who demolish the faith and Christian virtues, as unfortunately happens in many seminaries of our days.

Woe to those who have taken upon themselves the tremendous responsibility of a false and mistaken selection; by their incapacity and weakness, by their baseness or fear, they have become accomplices in
the destructive work of Satan, of destroying souls!

Bishops and educators will have to render a most rigorous account before divine Justice, for all the evil of which they have been responsible, and let them think that they will find mercy, for they have sacrificed the highest good of souls, for their own sake and for the sake of their own prestige; the misled priests and the souls ruined by them, will rise up as witnesses, before the tribunal that allows no appeal.

My son, do not be astonished this time, if I am repeating things that I already taught you before, for it is necessary, My son, for all this that I tell you, to be written and spread; the welfare of My Church demands it.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.57.43 PMMonsignor Octavio Michelini was born in San Giacomo of Roncole di Mirandola (MB) August 14, 1906. He was the ninth of ten children of the couple Antenore Michelini and Maria Teresa Malagodi.

He was baptized in the parish of S. Giacomo of Roncole di Mirandola (MO) October 21, 1906, and received the sacrament of Confirmation in the same parish on September 23, 1916.

Monsignor Don Octavio Michelini, of Mirandola, Italy was a Roman Catholic figure, Italian author and considered by many to be a mystic. He wrote several books pertaining to his visions of Jesus and Mary.

Michelini was a priest of the Carpi Diocese in Modena. After his retirement, he spent the last years of his ministry as a chaplain in an association of disabled people. He was a vital part of the new Marian Movement of Priests, founded by Father Stefano Gobbi (1973). Starting in 1975, and for the last four years of life, he claimed to have received messages in the form of interior locutions and visions of Jesus and the Madonna. The messages were later published in a series of six volumes entitled “confidences of Jesus to a priest”.

The “confidences” of Jesus denounced the seriousness of the spiritual and moral issues facing the world today, the confusion and rebellion within the Church, highlights the shortcomings of the current ministry, as well as explaining that many of these problems are direct consequence of the profound crisis of faith that pervades the Church today.

Furthermore, he claimed that the Lord revealed a future “cleansing” that would be followed by “a new springtime of peace and justice for humanity and for the Church”, a radiant dawn, never known before”, Inauguration a “mid-term coming of Jesus” before the final one at the end of the world.

He gave his soul to God on October 15, 1979.

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