The Pedophile Network — A Lot More To Come?

Hollywood is the nearest thing to Sodom and Gomorrah on the face of this earth. Hollywood has been the largest and single most powerful entity promoting and distributing sex, filth, and corruption in every form of human existence since it began. No institution in the history of the world has had such a negative effect on what could be considered an assault on a moral code. The breakdown of our culture is a straight line to Southern California, and the malcontent souls that inhabit the land. Like a moth attracted to light, perverted minds and hearts have flocked to Hollywood for over 100 years. The floodgates are open because now exposed, they can’t duck the facts about their behind the scenes code of silence and reprobate lifestyle.

The hypocrisy in Hollywood is now being exposed. It is interesting to note that the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke wide open for the world to see on the Feast of Divine Mercy (October 5th) and during the 100th anniversary year of Fatima. The issues with Harvey Weinstein are the tip of the iceberg with over three-dozen (as of this writing) allegations of rape and perverted sexual behavior. He is just one of an industry wide problem, albeit one of the worst, but far from the only. This problem is not just about Hollywood, but pandemic in our entire culture of immorality in all social strata.

Things are now about to change where the deeds of many will be made known on a global basis. With the internet and social media in every hand or on every desk in America, the knives are out. Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other media outlets are about to expose the homosexual agenda along with the perverted nature of Hollywood because they can no longer run and hide from the facts in front of them. Hollywood and other institutions like them are about to have their day of reckoning.  Evil will turn on itself because the rats will run for cover.

People are naming names and the list will be long that will eventually reach to pedophile networks in all parts of society. Evil is being exposed in a grand fashion. The biggest and most popular HBO program in history called Game of Thrones openly promotes rape, adultery, incest, violence, killing, and rampant sexual promiscuity. The best words to describe the show are barbaric and outright pagan, and it is the rage of youth. Game of Thrones is the religion of the unprofessed, raised with no ideology other than pleasure and self-gratification in a world void of God. The lead actor boasts about acting out rape as part of his job.

Judgment First to the House of God

In the year 2000, judgment first came to the house of God in the Catholic Church with the homosexual agenda exposed in Boston under Cardinal Law. The issue had been festering and hidden below the surface for two generations, but it then exploded on the world scene and spread like the black plague throughout the rest of America.  Hollywood was ecstatic. The problem then spread to nearly every diocese in America, costing the Church well over $4 billion to settle claims of the abused. Church doors were shuttered due to lack of funds as people voted with their wallets.

The movie SPOTLIGHT, released in 2015, was about an undercover investigative team from the Boston Globe exposing the lies of the clergy in Boston covering up the homosexual agenda inside the Catholic Church. It was disgusting to watch because it was true. Hollywood, in general, has contempt for the Catholic Church and they had the opening they needed to expose the hypocrisy inside the Church .

In the Old Testament, the Lord always chastised and exposed the Levites (priests) of their sin before He made any form of judgment on His people (Isaiah 6-9, Lev. 8-10, Numbers, 17, 18, and many other places in Scripture). He reminded them of duties of obedience and fidelity to His statues and commands as leaders of His people. If they did not comply, the Lord would then ramp up the punishment for disobedience. The Lord held HIS LEADERS responsible for the actions of His people. Judgment first came to the House of God.

After warning (or warnings), the Lord would then inform the priests of the consequences for disobedience. If there was compliance to His Law, the Lord showed mercy. If the people were still stiff necked and hard of heart, the Lord never suffered from any lack of imagination in ways to reign in His people. We see this trend all the way to banishment of the Jews to Babylonian captivity for seventy years in Jeremiah 29 for disobeying the observance of the Sabbath. Something as seemingly innocuous and innocent as the observance of the Sabbath could bring judgment. Time and again His chosen people had been warned, but they ignored what was required of them as leaders.

The culture in Hollywood is a morally toxic place akin to a cesspool. A moral movie today is as rare as a stable family the actors came from. We have recently seen people like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and others openly talk how they gave themselves over to Satan in ritualistic form to achieve fame and wealth. Why should we be shocked by Harvey Weinstein and men like him?

However, heaven always operates to give the world answers.

The Blessed Mother Provides Solutions

In message 256 (h-k) of the Marian Movement of Priests the Blessed Mother says,

Prayer of Reparation: because the cup of divine justice is full, very full, it is overflowing! See how hatred and sin burst all bounds. Today the majority of mankind no longer observes the Ten Commandments of the Lord. Your God is publicly ignored, denied, offended, and blasphemed. The day of the Lord is more and more profaned. Daily an attack is being made upon life. Each year throughout the world, by the tens of millions, innocent children are being slaughtered in their mother’s womb, and the number of murders, robberies, and acts of violence and kidnappings are increasing. Immorality is spreading like a flood of filth and is being propagated by the means of social communication, especially the cinema, the press and television. By means of this last mentioned, a subtle and diabolical tactic of seduction and corruption has found its way into every family. The most defenseless victims are children and youth, whom I look upon with the tender preoccupation of a mother. Only the powerful force of prayer and reparative penance will be able to save the world from what the justice of God has prepared because of its obstinate refusal to accept every demand for repentance.

Prayer and penance will save the world.