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Obama thanks Muslims for 'building the very fabric of our nation'

The word choice here, that anyone built "the very fabric of our nation" would usually sound hackneyed and overplayed - but, in this particular instance, given that the U.S. didn't even have its first Muslim-American congressman until 2007, the peculiar word choice has left some scratching their heads.

The next "Hobby Lobby": Mandating IVF coverage

The most cursory survey of the American mass media in July 2014 would have you believe that millions of women are being denied basic medical care and fundamental rights are under total assault because … they can’t get somebody else to buy their abortifacients. Indeed, the U.S. Senate—whose legislative productivity this year suggests it has been the victim of an Obamacare death panel—managed to rush a bill overturning Hobby Lobby to the floor, without committee hearing or public input … only to fail at the hands of Republicans.

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